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Chidu -25- by twiichii
Chidu -25-
This chidu (my word for chibi dump) features all the new chibis
and stickers I've drawn for Anime Los Angeles! I was really 
excited to make these in honor of the magical theme, and
I also couldn't help making them for myself, hehehe!
I hope everyone enjoys them as much as I do!

Thank you for viewing and I hope you all have a wonderful day ~ ♥

$3-13 Chibi Commissions

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| Twitter @twiischibis
Things in this journal:

>> Welcome back, Twii!
>> Art
>> Cosplay
>> Conventions
>> Thank you ~

    >> Welcome back, Twii!
Things are going really well, but as always, 
I've got a lot on my plate.

My current schedule consists of:
    01) 22 units in university
    02) Peer Education Program (I'm an unpaid teacher of sorts)
    03) International Child Advocacy Network Volunteer
    04) Internship under SFHS's psychologist/counselor
    05) Art, Cosplay, and recreational/entertainment

Again, my schedule is not an excuse by any means, but I am 
quite grateful to be where I am today. I plan to continue
as I am in order to improve myself as much as possible;
hopefully that will be seen in my artistic endeavors as well.

As you can tell from the schedule, I am very career-oriented
for the forseeable future... Because I am in my Junior year 
and double majoring, I need to do a lot of work to try and 
graduate on time, try to get into graduate school, etc. I will
do as much art as I can on the side, but expect more doodles
from me on Instagram (#twiichii) rather than full illustrations
and chidus that I -used to- post here. 

    >> Art
I am proud to say that I've finally opened up more in regards to
traditional art. After last semester's art classes, I've learned a 
great deal about different styles, mediums, and basics for more
advanced art. I practice when I doodle, of course, but at this time,
I do not see myself developing a full-on career in art. 

    >> Cosplay
Now that I have had more convention experience, I can definitely
say that I do not want to invest as much into cosplay as I had last
year.. I still appreciate it and have a few small/simple plans, i.e.
more Kaneki and perhaps a Lisia; however, due to the limitations
of being at a small table for 6-10 hours, I do not feel as satisfied
or comfortable while in cosplay. It can get in the way sometimes!
I will be doing casual cosplays and lolita or 'kawaii' fashion while
in Artist Alley, and cosplaying Kaneki when not. 

    >> Conventions
I only have four conventions on my list so far... I decided to cut
back, not because I don't enjoy it, but because there is a possibility
I will be winning a scholarship to study abroad and/or do a student
exchange.. Until I know my status on that, I cannot make further

Twii's 2015 Convention List:
    01) Anime Los Angeles - artist
    02) Wondercon - not sure yet?
    03) Los Angeles Cosplay Con - artist (I created their mascot!)
    03) Anime Expo - artist

    Thank chuu ~
If chuu read any of this post or read it all to the last,
thankies so much for chuur time and patience. I hope
chuu enjoyed reading a little bit about me and maybe
found some inspiration for chuurself! I'd love to hear 
what's going on in chuur lives as well, so please feel 
free to comment or note me ~ <333

Have a wonderful day and an even more amazing week!
I attended Anime Los Angeles, which was held at the LAX Mariott, from January 9-11!

Left over items can be found here: 
If something you'd like is sold out and/or in pre-order mode,
message me and I can arrange to get it to you!

Hello everyone! I got back from Anime Los Angeles last night, but only got a chance to post about it today! Here is another one of those text walls (aka an awesome recap) of my experience! Regardless of whether you continue on to read it, thank you for being a part of my life and supporting me and my artistic endeavors. I am very blessed to have opportunities to share my passions with people who love what I love and to have so much support for what I do. Whether you visited me, hugged me, took pictures with me, shared ribbons – the list can go on and on – all of you have helped make my experience at Anime Los Angeles a great way to start 2015. I am hesitating on whether or not I will go next year since the convention is relocating, but I will post a notice if so! Please feel free to message me at any time to give me feedback, chat, etc. as I would love to keep in touch. 

May your lives always be filled with joy, twii~
TLDR Version: Exhibitor Hall = HOLY PANCAKES IT WAS AMAZING / I have the BEST friends/fans ever!!! / MAGICAL EVERYTHING AND TOKYO GHOULLLLL..!…

Day 1 was pretty intense..! Had a lovely mint green wig on, along with a teal green dress and accessories~ Tried to look cute and comfortable, since it would be a very long day for me...

Artist Alley was open during later hours (12-8). I arrived at the hotel at just about 9:30 AM, so I was able to meet other artists and check in smoothly. Getting my badge took no time at all and set up only took me twenty minutes. I decided not to take commissions at all this time around since ALA is a small convention. I really wanted to focus on meeting people (fans, customers, other artists) as well, so I didn't bring my 3DS, a book, or anything else to distract me.. Although I did bring some snacks to help tide my appetite and share with others. At lunch time, I was graced by table buddies with pizza and cheesy bread, and that completely made my day! 

Aside from one bathroom break, I never left my table... and I was happy I didn't, because it was extremely busy! I sold out of Sailor Moon pins first, then a few tote bags left me (I only made five!), and some merch I've been carrying around forever (particularly stickers and charms that I've had since my first con in June 2014) finally cleared my inventory! The overwhelming support was just NOT expected..! 

Day 2 flipped me upside down, even more than Day 1! Dressed up in a mint green jumper skirt and lace/see-through collared shirt. It wasn't too appropriate since it was raining outside, but believe me -- it was a furnace in the Alley!

We were open from 10-6 this time: I arrived at 9:30 for an easy set-up! I was sad I didn't get there sooner to talk to more people, but it just so happened that weather and traffic conditions were not very nice. Anywho, once again, I only left the booth for two bathroom breaks, and had a small lunch with many small snacks throughout the day. Business was so amazing today that I actually sold out of all my zipper bags!!! The Studio Ghibli one, the Tokyo Ghoul one, the Magical Girl one, and EVEN my Music Bear one were just GONE. I ran out of them by 2 PM or so and I mentally panicked because I had no idea what I'd do with the open space! Two magical design tote bags, my Swablu Sky leggings, and my Swablu Sky messenger bag left as well -- I was SO ecstatic when Lisia cosplayers and Mahou Shoujo cosplayers came by and adopted them!!! I put out all of my pins, extra Magical prints, and laid out the tote I made of Batter's face so that my spot looked lively, haha~ 

THE HIGHLIGHT OF THIS DAY: Ryuko's English voice actor, Erica Mendez, stopped by and BOUGHT MY RYUKO MERCH AND GAVE ME AN AUTOGRAPH!!! I wasn't sure it was her at first, but I totally saw her badge say "guest" and she said something like, "I'm looking for merch of me," to which I completely LOST IT and started spilling out fan girl words like OMG ILU KLK > EVERYTHING. I felt so dumb saying everything I could think of but I also felt so grateful, it was amazing meeting her in person!!!

After the Alley closed, I spent some time with my friends.. It was so nice sitting around and not thinking about anything, to be honest! We wandered around, picked up a few ribbons for our badges, and took pictures. I had to leave around eight, but it felt so short. A part of me definitely wants to stay at con next time! 

When I got home, I was happy to see that more merch came in the mail! I received 6 more zipper bags, 1 coin purse, and some extra prints. I stuffed them into my bag in preparation for Day 3!

Day 3 felt a lot calmer. Dressed in a casual DMMD Sei cosplay, with lots of black and white lace and a tutu! 

We were open from 10-4 for the last day, and I arrived at 9:50 for an extremely easy set-up since almost every highlight item I had was gone. I made sure to display all 7 bags I got the night before, and of course, THEY ALL SOLD WITHIN THREE HOURS. Needless to say, the table was busy and I was sosososooo excited to talk to so many people!! At 2:45, I forced myself to get up and wander around the hotel while my table buddy managed for me. I spent 30 minutes out and about to see my friends in the alley and dealer's hall and take two bathroom breaks, hahaha..! Seeing my former partners in the dealer's hall was such a blessing, as we got to talk and hug and fangirl for so long!! They even surprised me with gifts, which made me feel really special.. ;u; <333 I felt so sad about leaving them afterwards; I really wished the alley and dealer's hall didn't close so soon so I could spend more time with them! (If I didn't have to leave at 5-ish, I definitely would've hung out with them for lunch/dinner since they invited me.. sobs...)

THE HIGHLIGHT OF THIS DAY: A fan recognized my art and TOLD ME THAT SHE SAW IT IN THE ALA PROGRAM BOOK. OMFG I didn't even know they published it in there!!! My postcard entry, though it hadn't won, received a runner up accolade and was put in!!! I felt really special, and the fan was suuuper excited to meet me as well~ 

There's still SO much I haven't said about this convention, but really, I had an amazing time. The event had such a wonderful aura about it.. I especially love how close-knit the small convention is, and how easy it is to talk with people for so long about anything! I really hope I get to attend next year, but I'm not sure since it'll be held at a venue completely OUT of Los Angeles... coughs It really shouldn't be called Anime Los Angeles if it's NOT in Los Angeles... anywho, thanks to all who came to support me, you are SO amazing and I'm so glad to have met you ♥

(***If you've gotten this far, thank you for taking some time to read this! I hope you gain a nice, rough idea for what the con was like for me and enjoyed hearing about it all! Please share your own experiences with me, as detailed as you'd like, because I would love to hear about them!)
The Swablu Sky by twiichii
The Swablu Sky
I've always been a pokemon fan, and of course,
when I saw the Mega Altaria, I FLIPPED!!! 
Drawing my Swablu OC and such got me into
creating this lovely illustration.. Hope you enjoy ♥

This is my new "surprise," which will be available
EXCLUSIVELY at my 2015 conventions! That said,
I wanted to share the full illustration with you all! 
I am thrilled to have this design on leggings and bags~
Please take a look at my storenvy:

$3-13 Chibi Commissions

Mail Art Trades…
Follow me: Tumblr twiichii.tumblr.comFaceBook ;

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